FEB UI CUP 2019 presents Run To Raise for you!

Run to Raise is a charity event that is held to help raise funds for social causes. This year we are collaborating with “Indonesia Mengajar” to raise awareness of education in Indonesia. Run to Raise is intended to aid in the efforts of decreasing indonesia’s education disparity especially in secluded areas of the country.

Ready to maximize your potential through kindness?


What is FEB UI Cup?

FEB UI CUP is the biggest annual sports competition for all faculties held by Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. This year, FEB UI CUP will hold basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, and badminton competitions.

When & where will the Run To Raise be held?

Run to Raise will be held in the University of Indonesia campus in Depok, on 5th of April 2020.

What are the run categories?

We will hold 5k and 10k run categories.

I am a first-time runner. Will I be able to run?

YES! This event is suitable for all runners, from first-timers to professionals.

How much will a ticket in Run To Raise cost?

Our tickets are priced at Rp150.000 for the 5k run and Rp200.000 for the 10k run. However, we also offer a early bird ticket Rp125.000 for the 5k run and Rp175.000 for the 10k run.

How do I buy the ticket?

You can register at our website. We will also sell OTS tickets on Car Free Day on Sunday, 1 December 2019 at Jln. Sudirman.

What do participants get from buying the ticket?

The ticket includes the racepack, which consists of the BIB number, medal, t-shirt, and fanny pack.

How do I get my racepack?

Your racepack will be handed out before the run begins at our starting location. You can also pick up the race pack 3 days prior to the run, located in front of Ruang BEM FEB UI, Depok

How can I get to the run venue with public transportation?

You can take the KRL train to Stasiun Universitas Indonesia, from which you could take a short walk (ETA 5 minutes) to our starting location.

Where is the Start and Finish?

Our start and finish point is at Lapangan Parkir FISIP, UI, Depok.

What is the flag off time of the race?

5K → 06.15

10K → 06.25

What is the cut off time?

5K → 08.00

10K → 08.50

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

No, transferring registration is prohibited.

  • Participants must give accurate, true, current and complete information about oneself that is listed in the registration form.

  • If the Run to Raise committee finds out that the form is not the same or there is a suspicion, the committee has the right to revoke the participation of participants in Run to Raise. .

  • There is no age requirement to be able to participate in Run to Raise, for the participants who are under 17 years old are required to submit the Waiver Form. A format of the form can be downloaded HERE.

  • The submission of online registration through the FEB UI CUP website and special link to the Travel Agent Program is considered as acknowledgment and acceptance of the rules and registration.

  • Drugs, alcohol, sharp object, and guns are prohibited. Any violation of the rules, distasteful behavior or damage will result in an automatic disqualification from Run to Raise.

  • The ticket that has been bought is non-refundable.

  • The Run to Raise committee does not provide accommodations for participants.

  • Participants must use the BIB number in accordance with the name that has been registered.

  • The Run to Raise committee will provide luggage storage for participants. Any loss or damages that happened during Run to Raise will not be the committee’s responsibility.

  • Participants are responsible for their own injuries, death, and property damage that happened during Run to Raise. The Run to Raise committee has made clear regulations for the participants to follow, therefore participants must not sue the Run to Raise committee for the damages that happened during the race, as it is counted as the participant’s fault.

  • Participants must use the BIB number correctly and can be seen by the Run to Raise committee. Te Run to Raise committee has the right to issue participants who do not use their BIB number.

  • Participants must learn the running track correctly.

  • The Run to Raise committee is entitled to cancel the race category without prior announcement.

  • The Run to Raise committee can change the route without prior announcement due to Force Majeure

  • Participants must collect their race pack according to the time that has been set by the Run to Raise committee (3 days prior to the race). The collection of race pack can be represented by other parties as long as the representative bring the receipt and the ID card of the participants.

  • The Run to Raise committee decision is absolute.